Journal – Thursday April 17

It’s finished.

The leaders’ men just brought The Boss back into the city for questioning. I’m not sure what will happen next, but I’m guessing their going to fine him and throw him out.

Well, everything went pretty much the way I planned, except that he knew. Somehow, he found out what I was planning. I know it wasn’t one of the guys—they’re oblivious—no, it must have been one of his secret followers in the leadership. Anyway, the whole evening was weird. Unsettling even.

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Journal – Wednesday April 16

Just got back from the city. Things are getting tense. The Boss keeps talking about dying; how that’s how he’s going to save the world. Good grief!

While we were out today, one of the leaders came up to me. He took me aside, because he didn’t want to be seen with me or the others. I thought he wanted to discuss our deal, but instead he told me how much he admired The Boss. Can you beat that?

I didn’t know how to take him at first, so I played dumb. I asked him why. So he says, “This man has got to be the one we’ve been waiting for. Many of us think so. Everything he does, everything he says…no ordinary man could do or say these things!”

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Journal – Tuesday April 15

I don’t know what happened. Everything seemed to be going so well. The people were all in our favor, it’s the right time…but The Boss is blowing it!

He’s out there every day, talking with people, but most of what he says in nonsense. He alternately suffers from delusions of grandeur, and some sort of morose death wish. I don’t get it.

Now the leaders are getting anxious, because the government is getting nervous about civil unrest. It’s like The Boss is deliberately tweaking them every chance he gets.

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Journal – Monday April 14

Things have quieted down a bit, so I have a little time to make this journal entry. A lot has happened the last couple of days, so I wanted to make sure to write it all down so I don’t forget it.

Like I said, yesterday was a big success. I think most of the guys agree with me, things are definitely looking up! Especially after what The Boss did with L on Saturday! Wow! I still haven’t figured that one out yet. If it were prearranged, I would’ve known about it, but how he pulled that one off is beyond me. However he did it, it really played well. Great optics!

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Spiritual Selfie

selfieHere we are at the first Friday of Lent, and the conversation around the holy water font is usually something like this:

“So, what are you giving up for Lent?”

“Cookies and pastry, you?”

“Bowling. Although this year, my league’s raising it’s fees, so I might actually save some money!”

“You don’t say? Well, I’ve been trying to lose some weight anyway so win-win eh? See you at the fish-fry!”

Does anyone see something wrong here?

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Still Smoldering

Okay, I’m sure you’re all plenty sick of this topic so I’ll keep it short. FOB Jack informs me that I fell into his trap just as he planned.

In my make-up post Putting Out the Fire, I listed several resources that Roman Catholic Christians can use to advance their knowledge of the faith and scripture and by so doing, advance in the spiritual life and be better witnesses.

As Jack was quick to point out (and I’m paraphrasing), “So basically, after talking about what the Church does wrong, you go on to list a bunch of things that prove the Church is doing them right.”

Yeah, now.

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Putting Out the Fire

fireextinguisherAs part of my plea-bargain, I am required to put out some of the fires I started yesterday.

I was gently rebuked by FOB Jack who commented on Rob the Arsonist by saying:

When I have a broken window on the front of my house, I don’t need everybody walking past to tell me I have a broken window. I need someone to walk up and hand me the business card for a good window guy.

Fair point.

I really meant that post as an exhortation, but as Jack rightly points out, I shouldn’t assume that just because somebody can acknowledge a problem, it doesn’t follow that they have the first idea of how to fix it.

So, here’s my stab at helping them out.

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Rob the Arsonist

lit_match_op_680x652Well, since I’m pitching Molotov Cocktails all over the place, one more can’t hurt can it?

So I’ve got Relevant Radio on in the background (Yeah, I listen to a lot of radio! If it weren’t for radio and my imaginary friends, I’d be a real loser!)

Anyhoo, this guy is on the air, talking to the host about a conversation he had with a visitor/acquaintance/protestant friend. Apparently he got drawn into an argument about the canon of scripture—I didn’t catch all the details—then he says he had always thought that “the Qur’an was essentially the same as the Old Testament of the Bible.”


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