May I Go Off About Something?

Why am I asking? It’s my blog.

Since it’s Election Day, I think we coddled Americans could use a reminder that the rest of the world isn’t like Pleasant Valley, USA. When we chose not to think about it, turn the channel, fail to pray, or vote, we cede more territory to that evil.

We—and by “we,” I mean the civilized world—are facing a battle for existence whether we want to admit it or not. That battle has its focus in radical Islam,  aided and abetted by the rise of moral relativism, selfishness, and apathy among the “civilized.”

The worst degradations man is capable of come from benighted hearts hardened not by devotion to the true God, but the idol of religious legalism and intolerance, a warped religion devoted to a god made in man’s image. Is it strange that when man worships himself, the creature instead of the Creator, he will eventually become a beast?

This is the world they wish to impose on us.

How can I fight against this? 1) Pray. God hears you. 2) Vote. Elect men and women who share your vision for a strong country built on God-given truth, common decency, and freedom for all its citizens.