Happy Belated Birthday Abe!

abraham-lincolnYesterday, ahem, was our 16th president’s birthday.

Living in the Land of Lincoln—ironically the most corrupt state in the union, for which he gave his life—I would be remiss in not posting a remembrance of one of our nation’s greatest men…and yet here we are a day late.


One of the most moving experiences I ever had was standing in front of the cenotaph in his tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield to pay my respects. He is interred with his wife and boys near him. I remember feeling that he would probably be uncomfortable with the enormity and elaborateness of the monument, but at the same time, I’m sure he would understand that it is as much for us as for him.

This is not his original resting place. That is a very humble tomb cut into a hillside elsewhere on the grounds. If you ever find yourself in Springfield, make a point of visiting his house—it’s still there, just as he left it when leaving for Washington—but make sure to visit his tomb.

Ask him to pray for us, because our country desperately needs men like him now.