September 11th

Naperville's 911 Shanower Memorial
Naperville’s 911 Shanower Memorial contains rubble from the Pentagon, granite from Pennsylvania near the Flight 93 crash site, and a girder from the WTC towers.

I attended this year’s 9/11 Memorial as a volunteer member of Naperville’s Emergency Management Agency. The event was a moving show of patriotism, civic pride, and gratitude toward those who serve, sometimes at the cost of their lives. What makes someone ignore that powerful sense of self-preservation to rush to aid of others? I don’t know, but thank the good Lord there are such men and women among us.

Of those in attendance at this year’s memorial were Naperville natives, Dr. Tom Shanower, brother of Cmdr. Daniel Shanower, who lost his life at the Pentagon, and after whom our memorial is named, along with their mother Pat. The takeaway quote for the entire event comes from Mrs. Shanower. When asked what she hopes for future generations, she said:

That they will be true patriots, they will do something for their community, it doesn’t have to be in politics, but find something you’re passionate about and do something for somebody else.

Naperville Remembers September 11th, 2001 from Naperville News 17 on Vimeo.

It is right and fitting that we honor those lost on September 11th. They are all part of the fabric that makes America strong. And, as Americans, we can be proud of the fact that our nation is always first to come to the aid of those in trouble anywhere in the world.

Do we have problems here at home? Yes. Can we solve them? Yes, by harnessing the ingenuity, work-ethic, and selflessness inherent in the American character that says, each and every person is valuable and deserving respect. Let’s roll up our sleeves and pitch in instead of sitting on the sidelines and bitching.

And speaking of sidelines: Compare and contrast this event, which is only one example of thousands like it that took place all around the country this past weekend, with the shameful displays of some indulged, entitled athletes who refuse to honor the country that affords them the luxury of being indulged and entitled.

Nuff said.

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  1. Bravo! Well said, I just hope the greater population hears this message loud and clear. As the daughter of an immigrant, there is not a day that goes by when I don’t thank God that she made that harrowing journey across the sea to allow me to live in this beautiful and prosperous country. There are NO OTHER COUNTRIES on the face of this earth that offer the benefits and opportunities that the United States of America offers! The only way we can continue to live as we do, is because of those that protect us every single day! Amen Brother!

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