Ya Know It’s Coming…

…but it still hurts. It doesn’t help that I was right all along. Oh well, congrats to the Highlighter Yellow & Blue for their miraculous win. No way you guys miss the Final Four…right?

While I sit in my puddle of bitter disappointment—again—join me won’t you in some music. And nothing expresses disappointment better than crappy music. Let’s go back once more to a time before indoor plumbing became all the rage.

Here’s one of the campiest and worst of the ’70’s…

To quote Chicago’s own Jim Nayder, “Sweet Lord!”

Tourney Update

So how’s your bracket doing? Congratulations to the LaSalle Explorers and the Eagles of Florida Gulf Coast U on making the Sweet 16 and busting up my bracket. My Spartans go up against the hated Dukies on Friday.

Here’s a little tribute to my Alma Mater in keeping with the season, the MSU Accafellas with their rendition of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.

Go Green! Go White!

Man, Shaw Hall looks a lot better than I remember it!

March Madness

FWIW, I filled out my annual NCAA Tournament bracket. Like President Obama, I have nothing bballbetter to do. I’ll spare you the whole thing, but my Final Four consists of Louisville, Ohio State, Kansas, and Indiana.

I have Indiana playing Louisville for the championship but losing to the Cardinals in a rare collapse.

No way Notre Dame makes it past Ohio State in the round of 32. The Highlighter Yellow & Blue bow to VCU in the same round. Sorry, but if they should make it to the Sweet Sixteen, they’ll surely lose to either Kansas or the Tarheels.

And yes, I have MSU losing to Duke in the Sweet Sixteen. It’s just like calling my only child ugly and stupid, but there it is.

So, how did you pick ’em?

NFL Across the Pond

I say! Do bear down, wat!
I say! Do bear down, wat!

For the past couple of years, the NFL has been trying to get Europeans interested in our national pastime by playing a regular season game overseas. They’d like to do this in Germany, Canada, and other countries, but not on the scale of NFL Europa, the league’s last sorry attempt at exporting the sport around the world. Thankfully, the NFL euthanized that monstrosity in 2007, but hasn’t completely given up it’s plans for world domination.

Lately, the Brits have been hosting the game. From what I’ve observed, they don’t exactly know what to make of it. They applaud politely when something happens. They dress up in team colors to enter more deeply in the fan experience. They find the game fast and loud, which is fun, but in the end they don’t get it.

Well, if the NFL should decide to base some teams across the pond, Dave at Dave’s Art Locker has already been working on it.  The rest of the NFC North is below the fold…

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