Blogosphere, Here I Come

Seems everyone in the world has a blog…Well, why not me? After all, I’m a writer. Shouldn’t I have a blog too? So, for better or worse, here I go…

The title of this blog comes from a conversation I once had while in the midst of writing my first novel, The Good Thief – A Tale of Mercy. After another day of hacking away at the word processor, I was asked how the writing was going. I replied, “It was like chewing glass!” Now that may seem a tad melodramatic, but I think it aptly captures the miserable feeling of futility that comes when you’re struggling to eke out 1000 words that don’t sound like complete drivel.

Anyhoo…for your entertainment and edification I give you: Chewing Glass, a blog devoted to thoughts on life, spirituality, and of course, writing. I hope you have some fun here. I hope you read something worthwhile once in a while too. Bookmark it and tell your friends!