Timewaster for Writers

Wake me if Spielberg calls.

As if writers needed more ways to waste time, but that’s beside the point…

Here’s a fun flash-bashed game for aspiring writers. I scored 92! I’m William Frickin’ Shakespeare!

In the “Color Me Ign’ant” department: I’m in the midst of re-reading Inside the Cup by Winston Churchill. Guess what? It’s not written by Winston Churchill! Not the one you’re thinking of anyway.

Nevertheless, Sir Winston was a prolific writer. In fact, that’s pretty much how he earned his living when out of favor politically. He used to write/edit at a stand up desk, that is, after rising late and breakfasting on scotch and soda in the bathtub. Well, I got that part down.

What do Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, Beatrix Potter’s The Adventures of Peter Rabbit, and James Joyce’s Ulysses have in common? Using my patented INVISIBLE ELECTRON technology, you can view the answer here:

Highlight for answer –> They’re all self-published books!

Sorry for the link-baiting, but traffic is traffic.