Seems like Chicago—hell, the whole state of Illinois—is a gathering place for all the world’s nutjobs. This Sunday, Nick Wallenda of the famous family of “daredevils,” will walk a tightrope strung between the Marina Towers on the Chicago River.

Anyone who’s ever walked downtown this time of year knows how hard the wind blows off the lake. Let’s hope that one man’s lack of good judgement and common sense doesn’t end in some terrible horror show on the Sunday night news.

Anyhoo, being October 31st, I offer you some musical selections to get you through all those Kit-Kat bars you’ll be scarfing in between trick-or-treaters. C’mon, admit it: you eat more candy than the kids!

A good rocker from back in the day.

Chicago’s own excitable boy, Warren Zevon. May he rest in peace.

Camille Saint-Saens was a prodigy and a genius. His music was suppressed by the Nazi’s during Hitler’s reign because of his supposed Jewish heritage. There is really no other word for this piece other than “haunting.”

Finally, because it’s a bye week in East Lansing, we’re gonna miss out on a Spartan Stadium tradition…

Be safe. Have fun. Oh, and Boo.