Shake It Off

Taylor Swift is a charming young lady, but if I hear this damn song once more, I’m going to tear the ears off seventeen bunnies and use them as tinder to burn down her house…

Ok, not really, but c’mon.

This female news anchor clearly feels the same way. Either that, or she can’t stand her partner. You be the judge:

Why is it so hard to get rid of an earworm?

From the BBC:

Neurologist Oliver Sacks wrote in his book Musicophilia that earworms are a clear sign of “the overwhelming, and at times, helpless, sensitivity of our brains to music”. Music is defined by repetition, just like earworms, and this might make earworms so hard to shake – they are musical memories that loop, say a particular verse or a hook, forever repeating rather than running to completion. Some people report that singing an earworm to the end can help get rid of it (others report in frustration that this does not work at all).

Replacing said earworm with another sometimes works for me. Enjoy!

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