Mice! Mice Everywhere!

Ooops! You're home early! Bye!
Ooops! You’re home early! Bye!

Eeek! A mouse! Where did you come from?

Um, outside?

How’d you get in?

Seriously? I’m a mouse. I’m small.

Are you alone?

Well, let’s just say I know a lot of mice. Somebody’s bound to talk.

So there’s more of you inside my house?

Boy, you catch on quick! I can see why you’re the top of the evolutionary ladder.

Ya little smart-as…

Look, I just noticed that this place was empty, it looked cozy and warm so I moved in. Can you blame me?

I suppose not. But did you have to use my new manuscript for nesting material?

What? You weren’t using it. What’s the problem?

Never mind.


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