Voi rakas!

We haven’t done one of these in a while so…as a salute to the land of cellphones and race-car drivers, here comes some of the worst music videos known to man!

Let’s start with the Finnish version of YMCA. Hoo boy.

Choreography is not a Finnish strong suit as we all know. I swear, if you watch the backup dancers’ lips in this one, you can see them counting the steps.

Well, that was special. Here’s a bunch of guys getting ready for bed…or just getting up, I dunno.


I know it’s not polite to make fun of other people’s cultures, but in this case, how can I not? All right. One more in honor of the Worst Music Video of All Time, here’s a tribute [I guess this is a thing now] to I Wanna Love You Tender by Danny & Armi

I’ve been to Finland and while somewhat reserved, Fins are generally polite, welcoming people who speak English better than Americans. It’s a lovely place. But hey, when you live without sunshine for eight months out of the year, you’re gonna have a few quirks.

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