Hello Kitty

crazy-cat-ladyAs a convert to the cat-loving faith, I have come to appreciate the many-faceted and wholly fascinating qualities of felis catus. Domestic cats are tremendously adaptable and expertly manipulative creatures who can simultaneously infuriate and soothe the human soul.

But damn. There’s a limit, no?

I don’t know what the deal is with Japan, but it seems they have yet another island completely overrun by small, furry critters.

Did you hear a can opener?
Did you hear a can opener?

Needless to say, Aoshima is a fishing village. Ready supplies of food and shelter make it possible for these otherwise solitary animals to get along, or at least tolerate each other.

Having lived in a multi-cat household I can tell you from experience that equanimity is not foremost in cat-character when it comes to other cats. The only thing that makes it work is plenty of space and food…and the occasional dime-bag of ‘nip.

Say, you don’t suppose the cats and rabbits are secretly trying to take over Japan? Why, national expenditures on lint-rollers alone would bankrupt the Japanese economy!