I am a Horrible Person

So I let the blog go dark for a couple months, only to jump out at you with two downer posts in a row. Ya know? I am a horrible person after all!

Let me lighten the mood a bit. From the City of Lights, we have such artistic geniuses as Zola, Monet, and Debussy. There’s great architecture, such as the Louvre, Versailles, and the Eiffel Tower. Great minds, great music, great food, great culture. We owe so much to the French for all the wonderful things they’ve contributed to Western Civilization!

But this ain’t one of ’em…

Never let it be said that I’m above picking on a little girl. Damn! And this was top of the charts in France when it came out! People have covered this song, for the love of Lafayette! Merde!

I’ve got to say though: there’s something eerily familiar about Ms. Paradis’ dance moves…hmmm…

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Chewing Glass, R.I.P

From my last EKG
From my last EKG

Just kidding..although it is on life support. Sorry for neglecting you, but life ya know?

So, whacha-been-got-goin’ on?

Me, I’m all set for LitFest. Remember, if you find yourself in the vicinity of Dearborn and Harrison tomorrow, stop by the Chicago Writer’s Association tent from 10-2:00 and say, “Hey!”

We’re right across from the Hotel Blake.

But there’s so much more to do than seeing my pretty face. There’s music, food, books, books-complete-with-authors, food, and food. S’posed to be beautiful this weekend too! LitFest runs through Sunday, so if you can’t make it tomorrow, you can visit after church.

In other news, the Chinese have taken over my spam bucket. Knock-off Fauxlex watches, “Mulberry” designer bags, Nikeee shoes, and lots of half-assed Google Translate gibberish. Do you suppose somewhere on a desert island in the South China Sea, there’s a penal colony where the prisoners are forced to spam all day before their evening beatings?

I like to think so.

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Happy Mothers’ Day

When I was a very small animal, my mum used to sing this to me when she tucked me in at night.

Whatever good might have come from my taking up space on this planet, I owe to my parents, especially my mother.

You’re my sunshine Mom!