That’s a Wrap!

One of these men is a NY Times best-selling author.
One of these men is a NY Times best-selling author.

LitFest ’14 was a success! Perfect weather, lots of people, and many books were sold. As usual at these things, I met some very interesting folks.

First was my table-mate, Jim Garner, from whom I learned lots about life as an author as well as a host of disturbing facts about the circus. Great guy, despite having graduated from that little school in SE Michigan. Check out his latest book featuring Rex Koko, Private Clown.

SW Michigan was well

Sylvester Boyd
Sylvester Boyd

represented too. Check out Allegan-native Sylvester Boyd’s book, The Road from Money. It’s the story of his aunt’s life growing up in the rural south in the early 20th century. Sylvester grew up on the south side of Chicago before moving to Michigan when he was fifteen. Now he’s back in the Windy City, writing, speaking, traveling, and loving life. The youngest looking seventy-one year old, I’ve ever met!

There was another notable artist on hand that I want to mention. His name is Lakey. He’s an itinerant artist and poet. A real free spirit. Visit his FB page here.


Chewing Glass, R.I.P

From my last EKG
From my last EKG

Just kidding..although it is on life support. Sorry for neglecting you, but life ya know?

So, whacha-been-got-goin’ on?

Me, I’m all set for LitFest. Remember, if you find yourself in the vicinity of Dearborn and Harrison tomorrow, stop by the Chicago Writer’s Association tent from 10-2:00 and say, “Hey!”

We’re right across from the Hotel Blake.

But there’s so much more to do than seeing my pretty face. There’s music, food, books, books-complete-with-authors, food, and food. S’posed to be beautiful this weekend too! LitFest runs through Sunday, so if you can’t make it tomorrow, you can visit after church.

In other news, the Chinese have taken over my spam bucket. Knock-off Fauxlex watches, “Mulberry” designer bags, Nikeee shoes, and lots of half-assed Google Translate gibberish. Do you suppose somewhere on a desert island in the South China Sea, there’s a penal colony where the prisoners are forced to spam all day before their evening beatings?

I like to think so.

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Oh no! There goes Tokyo!


If you’ve been here before, you know I have bad taste. Music, clothes, hairstyle. It’s pretty evident.

But nowhere is my lack of refinement more apparent than in my love of cheesy, giant-rubber-monster movies. Give me Gamera vs. Gaos, and I’m a quivering, drooling, fan-boy.

When Cloverfield came out, I couldn’t wait to see it because here was an attempt to do a creature-feature with a straight face. I wasn’t disappointed. After I saw it, I had to see it again.

Well, that is after I finished throwing up from motion sickness. Despite its lack of a coherent script, rife with more plot holes than an episode of the Simpsons, and its stupid “realistic” cinematography, it still managed to check all of my monster boxes.

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